REAL Near-real-time data test pages (All under construction)

Sky Cameras at the REAL site at the CSUC University Farm

REAL Weather Station at CSUC University Farm

REAL Scan Status Page

Elevation Angle Plot List

Elevation Angle Plot List (From the begining of 2015)

Most recent REAL scan

REAL Scan Image Looper (PPI)

REAL Scan Image Looper (RHI)

Experimental Image Looper with Satellite Overlay

REAL vital signs

Cross-correlation/wavelet-based optical flow winds on Google Maps

Time series comparison of cross-correlation and wavelet-based optical flow wind speed and direction from REAL

List of links to full-day time-series plots

Wind fields over copper-colored images


Current Chico Weather (from Western Weather Group)

NWS Chico Municipal Aiport weather observations

CSU Chico

CSU Chico Department of Physics

CSU Chico Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences

CSU Chico Farm

CSU Chico Research Foundation

Dr. Anna Petrova-Mayor

Misc. Pages

Wind Measurement Capability of the REAL. 2010 Poster for the CSU Chico College of Natural Sciences 6th Annual Poster Session.

Rebuilding the REAL. 2009 Poster for the CSU Chico College of Natural Sciences 5th Annual Poster Session.

Original REAL webpage (no longer updated)

CSU Chico Lidar Group News Archive.

Other Atmospheric Lidar Research Groups

University of Wisconsin---Madison Lidar Group

Montana State University

V.E. Zuev Institute of Atmospheric Optics

NOAA Lidar Group

NASA Langley Lidar Group

NASA JPL Lidar Group

Utah State Lidar Program

Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research

University of Alaska Lidar Research Laboratory

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Purple Crow Lidar

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