Student Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities sponsored by National Science Foundation (NSF) grants and managed by Chico State Enterprise arise occasionally. If you are currently enrolled at California State University Chico and have interest in part-time employment in the Atmospheric Lidar Group, please contact Dr. Mayor.

Current Lidar Team.

Student Educational Opportunities

Students from Physics Independent Study courses meeting at the REAL site in Spring 2009
Students from Dr. Mayor's "Lidar" PHYS 499 meet with students from Dr. Petrova-Mayor's "Lasers" PHYS 499 on May 14, 2009 for their final class. The "lidar students" described to the "laser students" the lidar's principles of operation.

The Raman-shifted Eye-safe Aerosol Lidar (REAL) at Chico State is the prototype REAL and the only one where students can get hands-on experience with this state-of-the-art and increasingly useful technology. A wide variety of opportunities currently exist at Chico State for undergraduate and graduate students interested in learning about atmospheric lidar, the REAL, and applications of it in the atmospheric sciences, air quality, and national security. Students at all levels of education and from all majors are welcome to participate.

Projects may involve: