S3 LLC Collaboration

The CSU Chico Atmospheric Lidar Research Group has been collaborating with Spectral Sensor Solutions (S3) LLC. In March of 2015, with funding from DTRA, S3 LLC brought a compact, portable lidar named SAMPLE to CSU Chico for side-by-side comparison with the NSF REAL. Immediately after the comparison project, with NSF funding, we deployed the SAMPLE on the northern California coast to determine its ability to observe aerosol and wind field over rough ocean surfaces. The results of that project are posted on our Marine Environment examples page. Publications resulting from our collaboration thus far are:

Mayor, S. D., P. Dérian, C. F. Mauzey, D. L. Ramsey, J. Pruitt, P. Ponsardin, and N. S. Higdon, 2015: Comparison of aerosol backscatter and wind field estimates from REAL and SAMPLE, Paper 9612-16, SPIE, 13 August, San Diego, CA. PAPER

Mayor, S. D., P. Dérian, and C. F. Mauzey, 2015: Two-component wind fields from single scanning aerosol lidar, Paper 9612-13, SPIE, 13 August, San Diego, CA. PAPER

Mayor, S. D., 2015: Observations of two-component wind fields from aerosol lidar and motion estimation algorithms including first results over rough sea states. International Conference on Model Integration across Disparate Scales in Complex Turbulent Flow Simulation (ICMIDS). Presentation #28, 16 June, State College, PA. Abstract mp4


Above: SAMPLE on the left and REAL on the right during a side-by-side intercomparison experiment in March of 2015 at the CSU Chico Farm.