Bruce Morley

Bruce is a co-developer of the REAL and he continues to support field deployment of the system during M2HATS. He has a broad understanding of all aspects of the REAL, and his current area of expertise is the LabVIEW data acquisition system that he developed.

Bruce holds a BA in physics and math from Chadron State College in Chadron, Nebraska, and an MS in atmospheric physics from the University of Nevada–Reno. He has more than 40 years of experience in lidar systems with the Desert Research Institute, University of Nevada System, SRI International, and NCAR. He has deployed ground-based and airborne lidar systems all over the world, including Greenland, Antarctica, and Tonopah.

Select Publications

Mayor, S. D., S. M. Spuler, B. M. Morley, E. Loew, 2007: Polarization lidar at 1.54-microns and observations of plumes from aerosol generators. Opt. Eng., 46, 096201.

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Russell, P. B., B. M. Morley, J. M. Livingston, G. W. Grams, and E. M. Patterson, 1982: Orbiting lidar simulations. 1: Aerosol and cloud measurements by an independent-wavelength technique, Appl. Opt., 21, 1541-1553.

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