Scott Gimbal

I've been assisting Dr. Petrova-Mayor in determining the effects of the beam steering unit mirrors (BSU) on the polarization properties of the transmitted laser beam. To do this, we use 1-inch diameter mirrors in a minature BSU in the laboratory with a diode laser and a polarimeter.


A. Petrova-Mayor, 2012: Polarization Characteristics of a Two-Mirror Azimuth and Elevation Laser Beam Scanner. Poster Presentation JW2A.22 at the CLEO:2012, Laser Science to Photonic Applications. 9 May 2012, San Jose, CA, USA.

S. Gimbal, Q. Li and A. Petrova-Mayor, 2012: Polarization effects induced by a two-mirror lidar beam steering unit Poster Presentation SP1.02 at the 26th International Laser Radar Conference. 25 June 2012, Porto Heli, Greece.

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